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Annual Meeting and Nominating Committee Summary

09 Aug 2018 8:26 PM | Anonymous
The Annual General Meeting is this Saturday August 11 at 10 am.  Please try to be there to register by 9:45.  Your Gravenhurst Town Council Reps will be updating us on the Council Activities from 10:00 - 10:30.  The AGM starts at 10:30 and runs until approximately noon.  


August 2018 Nominating Committee Summary Report

Departures from the Board

The nominating committee wishes to thank the following people for their hard work and dedication to Muldrew.

Robin Boys – Past President

Harold Whiteside - Treasurer

Cindy Fenwick - Director

Doug Lowe -  Regatta

Neil Colville-Reeves – Director


Nominees for the Board

The nominating committee puts forward the following Slate for the Board

Kate Hyland to the position of Treasurer

Brent Hughes to the position of Director until August 2020 (Regatta)

Roger Silverthorn to be re-nominated to the position of Director until August 2020 (Property)

Joanne Twist to be re-nominated to the position of Director until August 2020 (Town Liaison)


Additional Nominees to be brought forward at the meeting.

Please note that By Law 2.8 allows for the membership to vote on accepting a nomination that has not been previously communicated at the AGM.

Barb Vandevalk to the position of Co-Secretary.     Barb has been enjoying Muldrew since the early 1970s.  She will bring knowledge of Muldrew history from her previous time on the board and involvement in the archives. 

 Jessica Rogers to the position of Director until August 2020.  Jessica has been cottaging on Muldrew all her life.  She is a lawyer in Toronto and has sat on my boards. 

Financial Committee

Kate Hyland is moving off the committee to become Treasurer.  Ken Peaker will remain on the committee and will be joined by Bill Banks.   Bill is a retired Professor of Auditing and Accounting from the University of Waterloo.


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