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  • 25 Jul 2016 4:44 PM | Anonymous member

    the mat left our dock on  July 25th from 714 Peninsula Road on Middle Muldrew - if found please call Louise/Scott at 705 687-7814

  • 13 Jul 2016 6:25 PM | Anonymous member

    Paddle boat for sale.  Seats 4/5 people, blue, good condition, separate cooler area for drinks, $100.

  • 27 May 2016 8:32 AM | Anonymous member

    Muldrew Lake has long participated in the Lake Partners Program which monitors the health of lakes across Ontario.  We are looking for a willing cottager with a boat to test off Kerr Island.  No experience required!  For details please contact Cindy Fenwick at 519 531 1908.

  • 19 May 2016 2:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Anne Litherland (nee Allen)


    Born June 20, 1927 and died May 9, 2016 in Toronto.  


    Anne is survived by her husband Ted, daughters Jane, Mary (Marc) Fowler, grandsons Owen and Jackson.  Anne was a graduate from Victoria College, University of Toronto (1952) and Nursing at the Toronto Western Hospital (1954).  She spent many Happy Hours with friends and family on Muldrew Lake  and travelling with Ted to Conferences and Sabbaticals around the world.   Anne was a devoted chorister and sang in the Metropolitan United Church Choir for many years under wonderful Music Directors.


  • 24 Apr 2016 11:26 AM | Anonymous member

    Looking at getting new septic on water-access property.  Wondering if anyone else will be requiring barge services this season and want to share costs of getting a barge delivered to the lake?  Call 416-895-3415 or email

  • 22 Apr 2016 12:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    From my place it looks like the ice has gone. 

  • 04 Apr 2016 8:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Cottage with a large lot at 711 Peninsula Rd.  Phone  416 445 0684  

  • 03 Apr 2016 7:18 PM | Anonymous member

    Lost our Kayak
    The lake ice dragged it off the dock this week (2016-04-01) with the high water levels.
    It's a red two man polyethylene job and currently in the north lake and making it's way towards Rose Island.
    Should somebody manage to get rope on it when it passes I'd appreciate it.
    We're at 515 Peninsula Rd. Please call Nick 647 410 9109.

  • 10 Dec 2015 9:48 PM | Anonymous member

    In late October, I pulled my boat out of the water at Peck's Landing. Given that some gentle, but entirely ignorant soul had parked their pontoon boat right where I believe 90% of us who remove and launch boats want to work, I was obliged to use the 'other' (easternmost) side, which you should know is not as well sloped for trailering boats in and out.  Whatever. It is possible that when I put my trailer in, or took it, out of the water, I may have brushed my license plate and its mount against some unknown and unseen hazard. The long and the short of it is that my trailer license plate K5757Z has gone AWOL between Peck's Landing and 1232 Woodland Drive.

    If anyone has seen it, I'd very much appreciate its return.

    Regarding mooring at Peck's Landing. I'll go over whatever rules MLCA has regarding mooring boats at the launch ramp, but for years and years, it seemed the general understanding was that one never moored at the launch 'ramp' such as it is.

    It seems that with the general increase in the number of large party barges, without a commensurate increase in boating skills or courtesy, that understanding has gone by the wayside. 



  • 16 Nov 2015 5:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)



    Good day all.

    As you may be aware, the development of the Town’s “Community-Based Strategic Plan” is coming to a conclusion, and we expect a final document to be considered by Council in December of this year.  With the incredible degree of community input into that document, and with an eye to ensuring cohesion amongst our various plans/strategies, we believe we are now in an excellent position to move forward with the Official Plan Review.  While this Review is a result of a statutory requirement to do so (every 5 years), it does offer an opportunity to ensure that the economic, environmental, social and community design elements referenced in the Strategic Plan, are reflected on the Official Plan. 

    As we continue to receive feedback on what’s working in the Official Plan, and what’s not through individual meetings, the online survey ( and community workshops (held in September), we wanted to provide an update on upcoming timelines as it relates to the Official Plan Review:

    ·            Following up on many of the issues identified to date, Policy Options Papers are currently being drafted by Planscape, and are to be completed in early December;

    ·            The Official Plan Review Advisory Committee will review those Papers, which will then be made available for public review prior to December 23rd;

    ·            Community engagement on policy options will begin in late January, 2016 (inclusive of public meetings/workshops, more detailed online survey, etc.).  More formal and precise notice will follow shortly. 

    We would like to remind you that the online survey is a great way to provide your feedback.  We would further note that staff is more than happy to speak/meet with individuals or groups along the way as well.  

    Thank you very much for your interest!


    Scott Lucas                                                                             Glen Davies

    Director of Development Services                                          Chief Administrative Officer


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